About us

Genesis :

Megavision Technologies is a first generation entrepreneur company. Since inception, we have maintained a clear and unwavering focus on delivering high quality software products and services for use in the GIS and Web Market Today we are an organization of over 40 people, providing solutions to top-tier companies and institutions across all segments of GIS and Web markets; GIS Solutions, Digital Photogrammetry, Web Based Mapping Solutions, Electronic Design Solutions, GPS Enabled Solutions, Raster to Vector Conversion, With effect from fiscal 2001, marks the beginning of a new phase of growth – expansion of the range of offerings to include ‘up-stream’ consulting and ‘down-stream’ outsourcing, both of which will leverage existing ‘mid-stream’ technology delivery capability, creating a truly solid value proposition.

Core Capabilities :

Since inception, we have believed in possessing a deep understanding of the GIS and Web services business, in maintaining an up-to-date knowledge-base on technology, and in evolving and institutionalizing sound management practices. Accordingly, we have cultivated expertise in our people along two key dimensions: industry and business analysis, and subject matter expertise, which in turn consist of two main subjects - technology and management. Our industry and business analysts have several years of work experience in reputed organizations. They have a detailed understanding of important business processes in GIS and Web markets. We constantly keep the vigil on the market and technological trends by engaging our staff in extensive research and training. We provide the right environment for our staff by creating a rich mixture of different disciplines and prepare them to take the charge of the future, not just respond to the changes. Delivering the best quality is at the forefront of all our policies, selections and modifications. Our most competitive edge is our capability to view understanding future with the process of synthesis through systematic process and intuitive of the industry.