Services & Solutions
Our primary mission is to provide the industry with quality solutions. We have developed a unique program approach designed to improve outcomes for both clients and members. To achieve that goal, we work closely with each corporation and/or client to better understand the unique problem challenges involved.

  • GIS Mapping

    Megavision Technologies, a highly experienced GIS solution providing company, offers map based corporate solutions, Thematic Geo referenced mapping, any kind of customized geographical information solutions etc. Advantages GIS has the power of visualization by using integrated informational data with map, which helps in solving complicated problems, finding out the most best route for an emergency vehicle. Map based analysis and query capability for marketing present powerful ideas, and develop effective solutions like never before. It also helps in strategic planning for new products.

  • Web Enabled Solutions

    Megavision Technologies. has successfully developed map-based web applications, for the first time in the world. We have the capability and experience of developing web based solutions for Corporate bodies, Local and State Governments for Land development, Revenue planning, Tourism, Insurance, Agriculture, Transportation, Service and Marketing Industry.

  • Electonic Design Solutions

    Megavision Technologies, offers full range of services from identification, design to implementation of Electro mechanical, electrical and electronic applications. We also have the expertise to provide comprehensive high precision chip level electronic hardware solutions, design and implementation of customized electronics solutions.
    Advantages :
    Electronics device are the most reliable intelligent devices which give you highest value for money. Devices such as electronic locking systems provides excellent and fool proof solutions for security and validity checking. They also help in any electro-mechanical operations where high precision time and space control required. Even most reliable unmanned intelligent operators are electronics.

  • GPS Enabled Solutions

    Megavision Technologies, provides GPS based solutions in diverse work fields such as Transport Industries, Crisis Management Groups, Surveying, Marine, Tourism Industry etc.
    Advantages :
    This satellite-based navigation system-GPS was originally designed and built for military applications. In the early 1980s GPS has been made available to everyone or civilian purpose applications. Using this technology you can locate any person, vehicles, vessels anywhere in the world dynamically. GPS can provide excellent navigations, mapping, routing, tracking etc.
    Who needs it?
    GPS is required in fields like Transport, Marine, Tourism, Cargo where keeping track of location of vehicles, vessels, are essential. It is also very much required in the areas of emergency, security and rescue services. Any organization/person dealing in any of the field, need a GPS assistance. It also helps you if you are operating in remote areas like forest, oceans, deserts or polar regions.

  • Strand Mapping

    Megavision Technologies, will provide the customer with complete services for designing and mapping of strand maps including all applicable strand routing and trench lines. We also serve customers of fiber optic cable networks in similar fashion.
    Advantages :
    Normal Strand mapping can be converted into intelligent one where Pole information includes utility ownership, strand footage, downguys, subscriber counts, pole identification numbers, and all landmarks (such as churches, town offices, rivers and streams, schools, etc.). After completion of mapping, generation of Bill of Quantities becomes very easy and quick. Mapping can be used for the purpose of dynamic design assessments and signal strength checking at any point in the network.
    Who needs it?
    If you are in any Telecommunication or Networking company and want an edge over your competitors, you will require the service of strand mapping. Even any government or corporate body wanting to lay large scale cabling would require the assistance of Strand Mapping Design.

  • Raster To Vector

    Megavision Technologies, provides very comprehensive Raster to Vector Conversion services which can vary from mere R2V Conversion to the Value added solutions with data attachment to the CAD drawings. We are capable of producing output in virtually any CAD format.
    Advantages :
    Converting all raster drawing to vector format helps you to maintain, edit and store them easily. It helps you to integrate information and data into drawing which makes them intelligent. After conversion of drawings interactive CAD data reduces design time considerably.
    Who needs it?
    Raster To Vector Conversion is required where a large number of paper drawings have to deal with. If you are anything from a Civil Engineer to Archaeologist and have paper drawings with you, then you need us. You may be a professional doing work related to planning for Federal Government, Local Government, Civic Authorities or a students of Geo-Technical science discipline.